Parrot In Indonesia

Parrot bird is bird very beautiful, this bird is at most found in indonesia that is at sulaesi north this bird is very exotic and interesting from colour side but voice not too good. he only rely on from colour that has there green colour, red, blue red, yellow red, there also green red. you can pay a visit to beautiful indonesia miniature there found various parrot bird kind and another bird found in all indonesia.
Carnival party in the framework of the anniversary of SMP N 3 WEST JAVA Majalengka the number 32 followed by the students of grade 1, 2 and 3. Followed by their very enthusiastic and got a warm welcome from Majalengka and surrounding communities. this activity is carried out once a year.



1. Explain to participants that before discussing the module, will begin with the game enter the pencil into the bottle. Before the game starts to prepare beforehand a bottle that can be entered in pencil. A pencil is bound by four ropes rapia, with a length each - each two meters. Rapia rope must be drawn into four different directions.
Ask  eight participants as volunteers, while another participant to observer.
 Assign one participant to eight pairs (the four pairs), the couple - the couple stood in a circle where the center - the middle of the circle is placed a bottle. One of each pair blindfolded and duty to hold the rope that binds rapia pencil. Couples that are not closed his eyes, stood behind the closed her eyes and gave orders (aba - aba) to insert a pencil into a bottle.
 If a participant has not managed to insert a pencil into the bottle, ask them to try several times until it works.



Kehadiran SEPAT BAND saat Launching di SMP Negeri 3 Majalengka cukup menggairahkan siswa-siswi nyaris semua bergoyang bandan menikmati tembang-tembang hitbaru mereka. meskipun lagu mereka agak asing di telinga kita, tetapi langsung ternikmati.. ini menjadi modal kuat untuk kesuksesan SEPAT BAND. OK lah...... maju terus SEPAT BAND and BRAVO>>>>........